Troy yoga testimonial


Classes run in Lennox Head by Dimity Skye are a smart blend of Yoga, Pilates, breathing techniques and guided meditation with a great flow. Along with Dimity’s words of wisdom to centre and focus the mind during the workout with the added benefit of the classes being a fun and positive environment. 

I originally attended the classes hoping to improve my flexibility and balance for my surfing and wanting to stay healthy through my 40’s. From just 2 to 3 classes per week I have found a marked increase in my aerobic fitness, full body flexibility and muscle strength, with the obvious benefit of being fitter in the water and generally feeling better. Dimity now tells me that I’m puffing a lot less after a set of her special Mountain Climbers, Ha Ha. 

Thanks Dimity you are awesome, I’m now addicted to the workouts and fully recommend your classes to all looking to improve themselves physically and mentally.