Sessions can include the following: 

Yoga – A physical and spiritual practice that incorporates movement, breathing and meditation

Ayurveda – A thorough and holistic health consultation that will address and get to the root cause of imbalances and dysfunctions physically, mentally, and emotionally, and help you to become your own healer. (I am an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor now! It’s amazing & enlightening!) 

Pilates – A physical practice that places emphasis on alignment, breathing and core stability. 

Fitness – Cardio and strength workouts tailored to meet your specific wants and needs. 

Meditation/Mindfulness – A wellness practice that increases awareness, mental clarity and brings you into the beauty of the present moment. 

Nutrition/Meal Planning – Nutritional advice or specific meal plans, based on your specific wants and needs. 

Life Coaching – Assistance with getting you back to the ‘true you’, identifying what you truly want, and mapping out a path to get you there. Assistance can also be given to navigate through a specific situation or destructive behavioural patterns. 

Youth Mentoring – Big sister assistance navigating the tumultuous youth and teenage years. 

Rehabilitation – Assistance rehabilitating from a physical injury or an emotional or mental trauma. 

Skills and Acrobatics – Assistance with beginning or advancing in a particular strength or flexibility skill. 

A session can be one or a mix of the above categories, depending on your specific wants and needs. 

One on one sessions

One on one sessions mean that I can assess your personal physical, emotional and mental needs, and tailor make sessions to meet those needs. 

They are also a great option if you feel like you are not quite ready for group classes, or if you would like to focus on or need assistance with a something specific. One on one sessions run for one hour, however 30-minute, 45-minute, 1.5 hour and 2-hour sessions and prices are available on request. 

Couple/Group Sessions

Couple and group sessions are a great option if you have a partner, a friend or a group of people who are also keen to begin sessions and have similar needs and goals as you. Couple/group sessions are a great way to connect with your partner or friends on a deeper level, and it also means that the cost is shared. The maximum group size is 10 people, to ensure sufficient care and attention can be given to each participant. 

One on one sessions run for one hour, however 30-minute, 45-minute, 1.5 hour and 2-hour sessions and prices are available on request. 


Options for one on one session locations are as follows: 

1. Lennox Head studio

2. In your home or in a location chosen by you 

3. At a park or on the beach 


Specific class information is emailed out at the start of every week. Join my mailing list at to receive information about classes, as well as any other updates. 


On request

Again, if none of my listed options suit, let me know and I am sure we can find something that suits your unique wants and needs. 

Love and light! 

Dimity Skye.