School & University Programs

A strong foundation creates a strong and free life. 

We are excited to introduce The Freedom Program to you, designed for schools and university groups. We offer support in helping your students build healthy habits to build a strong foundation for a free life.

There are many voices competing for space in our minds, and we can begin to form habits which give in to these voices. For young people especially, it can be difficult to allow themselves the freedom to dismiss these voices and instead connect with themselves.

Using a blend of physical and mental mindfulness techniques, these sessions guide young people in developing well-being practices through positive self-connection, and connection with their world. We offer 10 programs which explore personal, intra-personal and social issues, with mindfulness as the foundation.

Through encouraging, non-shaming sessions, students can begin to replace negative thought patterns, beliefs, and take up positive body and mind practices which promote connection with themselves and others.

The combination of physical, mental and practical activities in our programs offers students the opportunity to connect with themselves to address the core needs of their bodies and minds, and then apply that connection with the people and issues around them.

Contact me to discuss the needs of your students and how we can best address them through our programs.