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Dimity Skye Yoga Byron Bay

Dimity Skye is a Byron Bay based holistic health coach who has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She holds qualifications in Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Meditation, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Youth Mentoring. Dimity regularly speaks at public events, schools, and universities, encouraging people of all ages to live their best life and educating them on how to do it. She is widely known for her authenticity, intuition, and genuine love for people. Dimity is the host of YouTube channel Dimity Skye, a platform she uses to provide high quality health and fitness resources free of charge, for the sole purpose of creating a healthier world. 

Our Current Community Theme is: BREATHE

I invite you now to PAUSE. BREATHE. Take one deep, conscious breath. Breathe in PEACE. Breathe out TENSION. One conscious breath is all you need to come HOME. Home to yourself, your heart. To be set free from worries, anxieties, fears… To come home to this PRESENT MOMENT, The source of all PEACE and JOY. – Dimity Skye




Yoga for Mobility & Strength


Morning Awaken Yoga Flow


Good Morning Flow


Yoga To Connect To Yourself


Yoga To Unlock Your Hips


Rise and Shine Yoga Workout


Yoga For Focus


1 Hour Advanced Yoga Workout